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Eugene Library Cards Now Free for All 4J Students

New partnership program makes Eugene Public Library cards available free for all 4J students—even outside the city limits 

A library card is the most powerful school supply a student can have! Now all students in 4J schools can get a Eugene Public Library card for free—whether or not they live within the Eugene city limits.

Non-residents normally must pay an $11 fee per month for a Eugene Public Library card. That fee is being waived for the several hundred 4J students who live outside the city limits, under a three-year pilot partnership of Eugene School District 4J, Eugene Public Library, and Eugene Public Library Foundation.

A Eugene Public Library card offers students opportunities to enhance reading skills, research school projects, build study skills, work with live online tutors, and so much more. It also offers nearly limitless print and online opportunities to read for pleasure and enjoy movies, music, magazines, and more.

Superintendent Cydney Vandercar says, “Libraries open up a world of education and enrichment opportunities that promote literacy, a love of learning, and success in school and beyond. Now, every student in 4J schools will be able to access both their school library and our local public library and the rich array of resources it offers year round.”

Families may apply for a library card for their student by mail, by phone, or in person.

Mail: A special printed application form for 4J students’ free library cards was inserted in the 4J district handbook that was recently mailed to every registered student’s home. You also can request a postage-paid library card form from your school or the district office (541-790-7707). The completed application can be mailed back for free (no postage stamp needed) or can be dropped off at the library. You’ll receive your student’s card in the mail a few weeks later. Another option is to print and return this form: EnglishSpanish, however, the pre-printed application is the preferred way to apply for your library card. 

Phone: Students or parents can call the library to apply by phone. They will receive a library membership for electronic resources, and may later go to the library in person to upgrade to a full-access library card to check out physical materials.

In person: Students and parents may go to the library to get a library card, with proof of identity (student ID is acceptable) and proof of address. The parent or guardian must be there if the student is under age 16. The student does not need not be present if the parent has their student ID card or number.

Library cards also are available to 4J classroom educators for educational purposes (not for personal or household use).

This partnership program is available to students enrolled in 4J neighborhood and alternative schools. It is not provided for private, parochial, charter or home school students.

Sign up for your library card today, and open up a universe of learning, enrichment and fun!

The Eugene Public Library Foundation is a key partner in making this possible. For information about donating to support the foundation’s Public School Access initiative, visit the Eugene Public Library Foundation website or email info@eplfoundation.org.  

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