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School Board Meeting Summary: Jan. 15, 2020

January 15, 2020
School Board Work Session and Regular Meeting

On Wednesday, January 15, 2020, the school board held a work session followed by a regular board meeting.

Work Session: Assessment

The board’s goals for 2019–20 were developed in the fall retreat on Aug. 14 and approved unanimously on Sept. 18, 2019. At the work session on January 15, board members discussed thoughts, priorities and next steps regarding board goal number 4:

Address policies and practices on student assessments
• Increase instructional time
• Focus legislative relief for the essential skills tests for high school seniors


Board Meeting

The school board’s regular meeting followed the work session.

The superintendent noted that January is School Board Appreciation Month and read a proclamation. He discussed significant increases in graduation rates, other measures of student success, and closing of opportunity and achievement gaps over the past several years.

Board chair Anne Marie Levis noted that this is the time of year when many “State of the …” statements are given, and shared comments on the “State of the District” — including rising graduation rates, extensive community engagement to inform Student Success Act planning, and more.

Information Items (no board action is expected to be taken)

Reviewed board goals for 2019–20 school year

Received an update on the the High School Success Plan

Received a report on the district’s Division 22 Assurances: School districts annually review compliance with Oregon Administrative Rules, and submit a report to the state, post it on the district website, and present it in a public meeting of the school board.

Board Actions

Approved board working agreements: The board voted 5–2 to approve the board’s working agreements, with an edit on page 4 (“supported by at least four three board members”).

Approved board policy updates: The board unanimously approved policy revisions, additions and deletions to conform to changes in state law and updates to policy best practices:

GBNAA_JHFF Reporting Requirements for Suspected Sexual Conduct with Students
JHFF_GBNAA Suspected Sexual Conduct (replacing previous policy JHFF)
BBFC Reporting Suspected Abuse of a Child (Board)
GBA Equal Employment Opportunity

Approved Ridgeline charter renewal: The board unanimously approved renewing the charter for Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School, following consideration and a public hearing at a previous board meeting. (Ridgeline 2018–19 annual review)

Approved items on the consent agenda: The board unanimously approved the three items on the consent agenda: Interdistrict transfer limits for 2020–21, 2018–19 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), and 2018–19 KRVM 91.9 Financial Report (Report). Prior to approving the consent agenda, the board members who serve on the board’s audit and finance subcommittee, Jim Torrey and Gordon Lafer, expressed appreciation for the high quality and transparency of these district financial reports.

Items for Future Action (board action is expected at a later meeting)

• Considered proposed policy updates: The board considered proposed revisions to board policies to conform to changes in state law and updates to policy best practices:

GCDA-GDDA Criminal Records Checks and Fingerprinting
JHFE Reporting Suspected Abuse of a Child (replacing previous policy JHFE)
+ JHFE-AR Administrative Rule + Reporting Form

Public Input

17 people provided public comment to the board, including comments regarding:

• Student Success Act investments
• Standardized assessments
• Relocation of Yujin Gakuen to Kelly Middle School
• Relocation of Corridor to North Eugene High School
• Changes in state regulations regarding special education
• Human trafficking and youth sexual exploitation
• Airport Rotary scholarships
• Cyberbullying and sexting assemblies
• Proposed changes in LTD bus routes

Agenda and Materials

Jan. 15 agenda and materials
Jan. 15 work session recording
Jan. 15 board meeting recording


NOTE:  This is a quick summary of the topics and actions at a meeting of the school board. It is NOT the official minutes of the meeting. Official minutes are posted after they are drafted by the minutes recorder, reviewed and approved by the board at a following meeting. Recordings of meetings are posted within two days after the meeting. 

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