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High School Schedule Review Continues

Evaluation team may recommend maintaining current schedule or changing to different common schedule  

The high school schedule evaluation committee is continuing its work to develop a schedule recommendation. The committee’s final recommendation may be to continue with the 3×5 trimester schedule currently in place, to make adjustments to the current schedule or its implementation, or to implement a different common schedule for high schools.

The committee has not yet decided whether to recommend that the district retain the current 3×5 high school schedule or change to a different a schedule, but it has narrowed its focus to one alternative schedule model for further consideration, the “quarter-flex.”

Common schedule adopted in 2012: Four years ago, Eugene School District 4J moved to align all high schools to a common schedule, in order to support student learning, educational equity and operational efficiency. The schedule selected after a staff work group and public input process was a trimester schedule with three 12-week terms per year and five 70-minute periods per day (often called the “3×5” schedule).

Collaborative review process underway: Now that the new schedule has been in place for a few years, it is time to review how well the schedule is working for students and whether any changes should be made to support student success. The district and the Eugene Education Association are collaborating in an inclusive process to evaluate the schedule and its implementation and develop a recommendation. The evaluation process has included gathering input from stakeholders, reviewing the research on high school schedules, and evaluating district data on student outcomes.

Schedule options being considered: The evaluation committee considered more than 30 different schedules, using evaluative criteria developed by a larger stakeholder workgroup, and has narrowed its focus to one schedule framework other than the current 3×5 trimester schedule: the quarter-flex schedule. In a quarter-flex schedule, the school year is broken into four quarters or two semesters, and the daily schedule is based on four 90-minute blocks, some of which might be split into 45-minute “skinny” periods. A quarter-flex schedule may also incorporate an A/B schedule in at least some periods, with classes on alternating days.

Next steps: The committee will continue to explore the quarter-flex model and consider developing a recommendation of a defined schedule within the quarter-flex framework that would meet the parameters of a common schedule.

The evaluation committee then would decide whether to recommend that 4J high schools change to the specified quarter-flex schedule or remain with the 3×5 trimester schedule. If the committee were to decide to recommend a new schedule, it would be referred to a vote by high school teachers and other licensed staff. If at least two-thirds of the votes approved the schedule recommendation, the recommendation would be forwarded to the superintendent for consideration.

Whether the final decision is to implement a new schedule or continue with the 3×5 trimester schedule, an implementation committee will guide schedule refinements and implementation.

More about the high school common schedule review 

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