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Hazardous Weather Information for 4J Staff

Key staff information for 2016–17 school year

Be prepared for winter weather! For the 2016–17 school year, there are two main school closure scenarios (a.k.a. “snow days”) that may occur in hazardous weather: a “regular” hazardous weather day, and an “extreme” weather day. Different staff are required to report to work under each scenario.

The major factors in the district’s decisions about school closures are the welfare of our students and staff, and whether school buses can be operated safely. When we cannot operate buses safely, we close all schools (rather than opening some and closing others) because of the mobility of our staff and students and to avoid confusion within the community. We avoid delayed starts and early dismissal due to weather, although it is possible that unpredictable or sudden weather conditions will require such a decision to be made.

Schools Open

All schools will operate if the Transportation Department is able to operate buses safely on all its regular routes or on its snow routes.

The terrain of the community and the distance away from school that both students and staff live make it impossible for the district to make a decision that is acceptable or appropriate to everyone. Each staff member may determine whether he or she can get to work safely. Staff members have various leave provisions they can use when they believe they are unable to get to work safely. Students whose parents believe they should not attend school in such situations should receive excused absences.

Schools Closed

All schools will be closed for students if the Transportation Department cannot operate its snow routes.

On days when closures occur due to hazardous weather, the following general rules will be used to determine which staff members are to report to work. Unusual circumstances may cause an adjustment in these guidelines. At any time, if employees who are required to work believe they cannot safely report, they should notify their administrator or supervisor and can use the leave provisions outlined in their employment agreement.

  1. Regular Hazardous Weather Day: The day will be announced to media as “Schools closed, offices open.”
    1. All administrators, supervisors, and professional employees will report to work.
    2. All classified employees who work a 10-, 11- or 12-month schedule will report to work.
    3. Licensed staff will not report to work. They will be expected to make up the missed time on a day added at the end of the school year or work year.
    4. All other classified staff who work a 196-day (9.5 month) schedule or less will not report to work. School-based food services personnel, bus drivers, van drivers, bus aides, and persons in similar positions will not be paid for this day. However, they may be required to work on make-up instructional days that are scheduled and will be paid for these additional days. Other classified staff will be paid for this day and will be required to make up the missed time on a day added at the end of the school year or work year, or as otherwise provided in the collective bargaining agreement.
  1. Extreme Weather Day: When there are extreme weather circumstances, the day will be designated as an extreme weather day. The day will be announced to media as “Schools closed, only emergency staff report.”
    1. Designated emergency staff will report for duty and will be paid according to the collective bargaining agreement (Article 12).
    2. No other staff will report. All staff will be expected to make up the time by arrangement with their supervisor or use appropriate leave, as provided in their collective bargaining agreement.

Afternoon/Evening Activities 

When classes are canceled because of hazardous weather conditions, the superintendent or designee will make a decision regarding all activities and night use of buildings by school and non-school groups by noon.

Ordinarily, when schools are closed for school activities, they are also closed for community-sponsored events that occur in schools (e.g., Kidsports activities, school enrichment programs, and routine rentals). Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.


When a decision is made to close schools, the district will send an email to all staff, post information on the district website and on the @4Jweather Twitter feed (sign up now for text alerts!), and alert media before 6:30 a.m. If school is in session and on regular schedule, the district will NOT make an announcement.

The best source for detailed information will remain the district website, www.4j.lane.edu, or the district radio station, KRVM-FM 91.9. KRVM will continue the practice of broadcasting the decision as soon as it is announced. Although other stations will broadcast information regarding school closure decisions, we are more able to ensure complete and accurate messages on the district website and on KRVM.

Make-Up Days

Because it is important for students to be in school as many days as possible, the school year will not be shortened as a result of hazardous weather days. Any hazardous weather days will be made up at the end of the school year.


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