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We’re Growing: More Students in 4J Schools This Year

2 years of enrollment gains after many declining years 

4J schools are attracting more families to enroll, from both inside and outside of the district, and every one is welcome.

Student enrollment in Eugene School District 4J increased again this fall, reversing many years of declining enrollment. Stronger enrollment in high-quality full-day kindergarten programs and transfer students from other districts account for some of the increase.

Growing enrollment is a change in Eugene School District 4J. District enrollment grew steadily through Eugene’s growth and the Baby Boom to a peak of nearly 22,000 students in 1969, and has been trending generally downward since then, to a low of 16,006 students in 2014–15.

Now enrollment is rising again, back up to 16,330 this year. In a change from the usual pattern, 217 more students enrolled in 4J schools in 2015 than the previous year, and 107 more have enrolled in 2016. This is the first year-to-year enrollment increase since 2003, and the largest one- or two-year growth since the 1990s.

The district has adjusted staffing at several schools to respond to the higher-than-projected enrollment and shrink overlarge class sizes.


4J enrollment from 1897 to 2016


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