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New Schools, Old Stuff

Where does everything go?

With the new Roosevelt and Howard school buildings getting ready to open, the district is quickly moving out of the old buildings so they can be demolished. So where does all the stuff go?

Teachers’ classroom materials, library books, and other items are packed and moved to the new building. The district then seeks to find reuse or recycling options for remaining items left in the building.

First, the district salvages items to reuse in other schools. Desks, doorknobs, chairs, bookshelves, kitchen gear, building materials and other items that are in good condition, suitable, and expected to be needed for reuse in other 4J schools are taken to other school locations or put in storage for future use.

Second, an auction service gathers items of value that are likely to sell for more than the cost of collecting, transporting and auctioning them.

Third, other schools, including charter schools and other local school districts, are invited to salvage any remaining items they find of use.

Then BRING Recycling and other local nonprofit organizations salvage more materials for reuse in our community. At the same time as Howard and Roosevelt are closing, one nonprofit service organization, the Eugene Mission, is in need of kitchen equipment due to a kitchen fire. The Mission was invited and collected Howard kitchen equipment, not needed by other schools, that may be of use to them to serve the homeless.

Finally, as demolition progresses, metal building materials and anything else the contractor finds to be of value are salvaged.

Each step finds a home for more items. In the end, most items and much of the old school building materials are reused or recycled, and kept out of a landfill.

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