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Classified Benefits Update November 2013 Issue #3

Classified Benefits Update
Published by:  Diana McElhinney, Classified Benefits Coordinator
              Phone: 541- 790-7679  e-mail:  mcelhinney_d@4j.lane.edu 

Please take a few minutes to verify that your deductions and plan elections are correct.
You can access your wage statement at the following link:  http://www.atsprintfreedom.comor
by clicking the My Pay Stub link on the Employee Resources page of the 4j website.

Once you have reached the Print Freedom site:
1.        Enter Eugene4j for the Access ID
2.        Enter your six-digit Employee Number for the User Name
3.        Enter your password

If you are a first time user, your default password is the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.  (You will be directed to a change password screen to set up your permanent password.)  If you are not a first time user, your password is whatever you changed it to at the time of your initial login.

Once you have logged in, select MyPayStub to view your pay stub.  Remember that your document password for the Adobe Acrobat screen will always be the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.
If you have any questions, please e-mail mypaystub@4j.lane.edu

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Moda has sent new ID cards to members who either added or dropped dependents during open enrollment.  They are not automatically sending out new ID cards to all members.  Old cards still will work as our member ID and group numbers have stayed the same. 

If you would like a new medical or dental card, please log on to myModa and select “Request ID cards” from the member shortcuts panel. (see article on back page for digital option)  You also can contact Moda Health Customer Service at 1-866-923-0409

Effective Oct. 1, 2013, you have access to a new tier of network providers.  The Moda Medical Home consists of local primary care providers who deliver high-quality, individualized care and integrated support.  When you seek care from a Moda Medical Home provider you will receive a higher benefit level.  More information on participating providers can be found at modahealth.com/oebb.

Manage your benefits and get the most from your health plan with myModa.  Once you create an account, you’ll be able to:

  • View benefit eligibility and history
  • Review prescription history and pharmacy benefits, including medication pricing information
  • View account details and enrollment information
  • Check the status of pending claims, view claim history and access claim forms
  • Receive and view electronic Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)
  • Access your digital ID card as either a PDF or as a smartphone application

 To log on, please visit modahealth.com/oebb

Moda Health now provides you the convenience of a digital member ID card.  Why is a digital card better than your old-school paper card?

  • One less thing to carry in your wallet.  By accessing your digital ID card, you don’t have to keep the paper version in your wallet anymore.
  • Large family?  Instead of sharing a card, every family member can download your Moda Health ID card.
  • Online means up-to-date.  As soon as your account with Moda Health is updated, your digital ID card is updated. 
  • You can email a copy of the card to your providers or your family members.
  • You can print copies to give to your providers.

To get started, bring up the Moda Health website for OEBB members:  https://www.modahealth.com/oebb/members/

All members:  To access a PDF of your Moda Health ID card, log in to myModa.  Enter your user name and password in the myModa login box on the right side of the screen.

Once logged into myModa, you can access your digital card from the member shortcuts box on the myModa homepage, or the “resources” tab.

While in myModa you could opt to sign up for electronic EOBs.  Stop all that paper coming to your house by updating your EOB delivery preference. Once in myModa, click on your “account” tab and “change account settings”.

Smartphone users:  If you’re a smartphone user, you can download your ID card from the Moda Health mobile ID card app.  To search for your app, visit your app store and type “Moda Health eCard app” into your search.  To launch the app, enter your mobile PIN code and member ID (these can be found on the PDF version of your ID card in myModa, see above). Your Moda Health ID card will appear on your phone.  Using the Moda Health ID card app, you can e-mail or fax a copy to providers or e-mail a copy to family members.

If you have questions or need technical assistance, please call Moda Health customer service at 866-923-0409.

Healthy Futures is a new program designed to encourage OEBB members to learn their individual health risks and how to take action to reduce or eliminate risks whenever possible. 

If you signed up for the program and are ready to get started you’ll need to complete your confidential online health assessment – you can do this anytime between now and May 31, 2014.  If you have a spouse/domestic partner who also signed up to participate, he/she will also need to complete the assessment.  Go to modahealth.com/oebb and log into your myModa account (same as your former myODS account), or register for a new account, then click “Health Risk Assesment (HRA)”

Once you know your risks, you can get started on your wellness activities.  You can find detailed Healthy Futures information on the OEBB website:  http://www.oregon.gov/oha/oebb/pages/HealthyFutures.aspx

If you didn’t sign up and would like to participate, it’s not too late.  You can log into the MyOEBB system (https://myoebb.org/oebb/!pb.main) anytime between now and March 31, 2014 and indicate “YES – I want to participate in Healthy Futures!” 

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Consumer Reports Volume 25 September 2013

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This newsletter is reviewed and edited each month by the District 4J and OSEA representatives of the Classified Joint Benefits Committee (JBC). The information in this newsletter is summarized, and is not intended as advice or counsel.



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