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Suggestions for Healthy Foods for Snacks & Parties

Suggested Foods

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Dips based on low-fat yogurt or sour cream (be aware of sugar and salt content)
  • Canned fruits (preferably packed in natural fruit juices instead of syrups)
  • Dried fruits
  • Trail mix, chex mix, or popcorn-based snack mix (be aware of products that contain nuts or nut byproducts and sodium content)
  • Granola bars (be aware of products that contain nuts or nut byproducts)
  • Sunflower or pumpkin seeds
  • Yogurt or soy-gurt
  • Jerky
  • Baked chips (be aware that Baked Cheetos and SunChips are higher in fat and sodium than other baked chip varieties)
  • Salsa, guacamole, bean dip and fruit salsa
  • Pita bread or pita chips and hummus dip
  • Whole-grain cereals (be aware of sugar content)
  • Whole-grain or multigrain crackers and cheese (cheese made with 2% milk is better)
  • 100% frozen fruit juice bars
  • Frozen yogurt
  • Fruit smoothies (preferably yogurt- or sorbet- based)
  • Whole-grain and fruit/vegetable breads and muffins: banana, zucchini, carrot or oatmeal bread, bran muffins, etc.
  • Other fruit-based desserts: fruit and yogurt parfaits, strawberry shortcake, mixed berries with whipped cream, baked apples with granola topping
  • Fruit or pretzels dipped in a yogurt-based coating: strawberries, raisins, cherries etc.
  • Quaker Multigrain Minis (Honey Graham, Cinnamon Sugar)
  • Graham cracker–based items: Honey Maid Squares, Teddy Grahams, Animal Crackers, Goldfish Giant Grahams etc.
  • Nutrigrain bars
  • Pretzels (low salt is better)
  • Bagels (whole grain is better)
  • Tortilla roll-ups: meat and cheese, cream cheese and salsa, etc. (cut into finger-size pieces)

Portion Sizes

Portion sizes should be reasonable given the age of the student. Appropriate portion sizes for beverages are noted under “Beverages” in the healthy snacks and parties guidelines.