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Local Field Trips


Walking Excursion Permit – annual permission form allows children to make walking field trips ANY TIME during the school year without the need for a signed permit for each trip

Single Field Trip– permission form for student to participate in planned field trips during the school year. This form should be on file for every student participating in each specific field trip

Student Contract: Field Trips & Away-from-School Activities– conduct agreement between student/parent and the District and health history information/permission for medical treatment. (Recommended for Middle & High School trips, particularly on overnight trips)

Student Bike Trips

Bike trips with groups of students for an educational/instructional purpose with adequate adult supervisors and safety precautions.

Recommendations for 4J Teachers and Staff:

  • Student travel insurance is recommended for bike field trips.
  • Review safety and traffic rules before leaving campus and remind students they are expected to abide by traffic signs and adhere to safe biking practices.
  • Check the availability of helmets. (All trip participants are required to wear a helmet.)
  • Communicate helmet and safety guidelines to parents and establish a partnership with them to promote bike safety.
  • All approved bike field trips should follow these guidelines

Spot check bike before leaving to make sure:

  • Bikes are the right size for students. (Students should be able to touch the ground with their toes while sitting on the bike seat.)
  • Bikes have working brakes, properly inflated tires and no dangling parts.
  • There is at least one adult supervisor for every group of seven students or less.
  • All trip participants are wearing a helmet and the first and last person in each seven-member group is wearing a reflective vest for visibility.

Bike trips with students below the fifth grade are not recommended.