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Field Trips

District Provided Student Travel Insurance

During school-sponsored student out-of-state or foreign travel, the district provides coverage for:

  • Accident-related medical expenses.
  • Potential claims of negligence for property damage or physical injury.

Attention 4J Staff: Information on how to sign up for Student Travel Insurance

Coverage for Claims of Negligence

The District carries liability coverage for student trips inside and outside the U.S. territorial limits.

  • If Student behavior allegedly caused damage to property or a person, the district has coverage available to respond in its interests.
  • If a student were injured and the parent(s) claimed that a teacher had acted negligently, district liability coverage would be available.
  • This liability policy is in effect at all times.

If an Accident or Liability Claim Occurs

Contact Risk Management Services at 790-7673 whether a claim is to be filed or not, to:

  • Notify them of the incident.
  • Request a claim form and processing instructions if a claim is to be filed.

Travel Forms

4J Staff & Volunteers Private-Auto Insurance Form– for staff or volunteers transporting students in personal vehicles

Field Trip Permission Form– permission form for student to participate in planned field trips during the school year. This form should be on file for every student participating in each specific field trip.
Foreign Travel Student Release and Waiver– for every student participating in foreign travel

Field Trip Guidelines and Student/family forms

Overnight Trip Request

Student Contract: Field Trips & Away-from-School Activities– conduct agreement between student/parent and the District and health history information/permission for medical treatment. (Recommended for Middle & High School trips, particularly on overnight trips)