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Approved Vehicles for Travel & Field Trips

District Approved Vehicles

The Oregon Department of Education’s Oregon Administrative Rules require that students be transported to or from authorized school activities in the following vehicles only:

  1. A school bus currently in service as a school bus and meeting current school bus standards.
  2. A district-owned school van including: Type 10 vans designated to carry 10 people. Type 10 vans are commonly used by 4J coaches and teachers for transporting small grouops. Type 20 vans designed to carry 15 people. Type 20 vans are school buses that may be a different color and do not have the safety light system, or have it covered while being used as a school van.
  3. A private passenger car or van with a capacity of 10 persons or less, including the driver, that is used by the owner of the vehicle to transport students.(See the current seat belt and booster seat law.)

Non-Approved Vehicles

Privately-owned large vehicles such as “retired” school buses, motor homes, or airport-type buses do not qualify as approved vehicle.

Vehicles designed to transport more than 10 persons, including the driver, and that do not meet school bus standards.


Approved Drivers

All vehicles used to transport students must be operated by an “approved” driver when transporting students.

To drive Type 10 and Type 20 vehicles the driver must have “approved” driver status from the Department of Education, which is awarded after successful completion of the 4J van driver training, as well as a driving and criminal record check.

For information about becoming an approved driver when driving private vehicles, see Staff & Volunteer Private Auto Insurance – Form.

Required Auto Insurance Coverage

For information about required insurance coverage, see Transporting Students in Private Vehicles.

If you have questions about this information or wish to inquire if a vehicle you are using to transport students meets the requirements above, please contact Chris Ellison in the 4J Transportation Department at 790-7475 or e-mail ellison_c@4j.lane.edu