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Workforce Diversity Plan: I. Workforce Diversity Policy

One of the many goals of an excellent educational system is the successful preparation of all its students as responsible adults in a dynamic and ever changing society. An important component is that of diversity. Diversity requires all students to understand and respect differences: differences in race, culture, religion, gender, abilities and socioeconomic factors. But diversity is also about diversity of thought, diversity of values, and diversity of perspectives. For students to respect and value diversity, they must experience adult workers who are reflective of the varied cultures and backgrounds that make up our community and our nation. (Board Policy 2425)

Policy Statement

The Eugene School District recognizes the importance of workforce diversity and its role in the education of its students. Therefore, the Eugene School District has established and implemented a WorkForce Diversity Plan which contains two major objectives.

1.1 The WorkForce Diversity Plan is intended to promote nondiscrimination, and the respecting and valuing of diversity in all employment matters. It reaffirms the district’s commitment to equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, age, religion, marital status, disability, Vietnam era veteran status, sexual orientation, familial status, socioeconomic status, or any other extraneous consideration not directly and substantively related to effective job performance.

1.2 The WorkForce Diversity Plan also is intended to promote the recruitment, hiring, advancement, and retention of racial/ethnic minorities, women (and in some cases, men), and people with disabilities in all segments of the district workforce. To accomplish this objective, it will be the policy of the district to undertake affirmative action efforts that recognize and value the racial/ethnic minority, gender, or disability status of employees and applicants for employment as an additional and positive qualification to those that are specific to job requirements. As such, the racial/ethnic minority, gender, or disability status of candidates will be considered in employment decisions when such persons are finalists for a position in a job group where they are underrepresented, and the finalists are equally well qualified.

The Board of Directors reaffirms its strong commitment to the principles of equal employment opportunity and the taking of affirmative action leading to workforce diversity. It is the duty and obligation of all employees to support and aid in all appropriate ways the implementation of the WorkForce Diversity Plan.