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Workforce Diversity Plan: V. Communication

To ensure that the Eugene School District’s employees and constituents are aware of the District’s workforce diversity commitments, internal and external information systems have been established. The following guidelines will allow the district to provide necessary information about its WorkForce Diversity Plan. These guidelines may be revised or adapted as needs arise.


5.1.1 Board of Directors will maintain a WorkForce Diversity policy as part of the district Policy manual and periodically reaffirm its commitment to workforce diversity, equal employment opportunity and affirmative action.

5.1.2 Employees will be provided a copy of the WorkForce Diversity Policy Statement during new employee orientation and training.

5.1.3 Labor Organizations will be consulted with to discuss and review the WorkForce Diversity Policy and ways to mutually promote and support work force diversity.

5.1.4 Special Meetings will be held periodically with all administrators and supervisors who have hiring, promotion, and supervisory authority, to communicate individual responsibility for effective implementation of the WorkForce Diversity Plan.

5.1.5 Schools And Departments of the district will receive, post, and maintain the WorkForce Diversity Policy Statement.

5.1.6 District’s Open Line employee newsletter will print the WorkForce Diversity Policy annually.


5.2.1 WorkForce Diversity Policy Statement will be sent to community organizations and public agencies, other local school districts and colleges, and will be made available to the general public on request.

5.2.2 Bi-Annual Program Assessments and reports will be made available to the general public on request.

5.2.3 Recruitment Announcements and classified advertisements for employment and employment applications will identify the district as an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. All such publications will include the following statement: The Eugene School District 4J is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer committed to workforce diversity and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

5.2.4 Subcontractors, Vendors, And Suppliers will be notified of the district’s Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity policy. All purchase orders, leases, contracts, etc. will contain the equal opportunity clause.

5.2.5 WorkForce Diversity Committee is considered to be an active participant in workforce diversity and affirmative action planning and evaluation, and will be kept apprised of and consulted on new developments in the areas of workforce diversity and affirmative action.