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Workforce Diversity Plan: VIII. Accountability

The key to success in achievement of any plan or goal is assessment and accountability. People and systems must be able to measure their accomplishments against some yardstick to determine whether they are headed in the direction they want to go, whether they are achieving what they intended, and whether their actions are congruent with their goals and values.


The district sets workforce diversity goals for people of color, people with disabilities, and women (and in some cases, men). The goals are set within EEO-5 occupational categories as defined by the Federal Government. The district will review its achievements and progress towards diversity on a biennial basis.

8.1.1 The Director of Human Resources will provide a biennial progress report to the superintendent and board of directors reviewing status of the district’s workforce diversity program goals and objectives.

 The District’s WorkForce Diversity Plan reviews will include analyses of new hires, promotions, applicant flow, and separations, as well as assessment of achievement of other goals in the plan. The specific intent of these analyses is to determine progress towards program goals, to correct problem areas, and establish or modify action plans as needed.

Department directors and building principals are responsible for including workforce diversity goals as part of their management goals and performance evaluation.

8.2.1 Managers and supervisors with hiring and promotion authority will be evaluated on their contribution to achievement of workforce diversity goals.

8.2.2 Principals and department directors with significant underrepresentation will be expected to develop in concert with Human Resources a targeted recruitment plan to address focus job groups in their schools or departments. Plan results will be reviewed on an annual basis.

8.2.3 Factors related to affirmative action and workforce diversity will be considered in the promotion process for supervisors and managers.