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Classified Employee Evaluation

The Eugene School District Classified Employee Evaluation is based on the premise that all employees have a commitment and responsibility to continued improvement in their performance. The purpose of the evaluation is to improve employees’ job performance, skill, and expertise through a systematic and constructive evaluation system. The system:

  • Provides an opportunity for the supervisor and the employee to mutually develop performance goals
  • Helps the supervisor in determining areas for improvement and assist in correcting deficiencies.

The immediate supervisor of the employee is the primary evaluator. For school-based staff, when the primary evaluator is not the principal, the supervisor must consult with or inform the principal on all evaluations. Probationary employees may request feedback on these standards at any time during their probationary period.

All classified employees are to be evaluated annually no later than May 30 of the evaluating year and all evaluations must be sent to Human Resources no later than June 15.

Classified Employee Observation
Classified Employee Self-Assessment
Classified Employee Evaluation

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