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Absence Management Quicksheets and Support for Substitutes

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AESOP Q&A for Substitutes

What is my Absence Management Login ID?

Interacting with Frontline via the Phone:
Phone: 1-800-942-3767
Your ID and PIN for the phone are as follows:
ID Number   XXXXXXXXXX (your 10 digit phone number)
PIN Number XXXX (your 4 digit pin)

Interacting with Frontline via the Website:
Access Absence Management @: app.frontlineeducation.com
Username: Username (This is something that you will chose)
Password: (this would be an eight digit password you created, if you have forgotten your password you can click “Forgot Password“)
Email: (This is where they will send your password recovery information if you forget your password)

Interacting with Frontline via the Website if you are a Mulit-Districe Subs:
Transitioning to the Insights Platform as a Multi-District Sub – Frontline Absence & Time

Note: You are NOT required to create a Frontline Account for Phone access.  You automatically have Phone access.  However, to gain Web access you must create a Frontline Account via your personal invitation email.

My computer wont let me get to the Absence Management log in page. How can I get this to work?

The most common reason a computer wont allow you to view the Absence Management log in screen at http://www.frontlinek12.com/Products/Aesop.html is due to your browser.  First try using a different browser on your computer to see if that fixes the problem.  If so then the initial problem was your browser.

If that does not help try logging in from another computer.  If you are able to get into the system then we know the problem lies within your computer itself.

I am an active Guest Teacher, am I allowed to sub for a subject I am not endorsed in?

The Teacher Standard and Practices Commission (TSPC) allows you to sub for a subject you are not endorsed for up to 19 consecutive days.  Of course do not accept a job you are not comfortable teaching.  We want the very best for our students.

If an substitute job is longer than 19 consecutive contact days then you will need to be Highly Qualified (HQ) to teach that specific subject and at that specific grade level.  If this is the case please contact HR and we can help you determine if you are HQ for that subject and level.

How do I change my school preferences?

If you would like to edit your school preferences (this is the list of schools you would like to sub at) first log into AESOP.  Click the “preferences” tab at the top of your home page then click the “schools” tab on the left.  You can then edit which schools in which you would like to sub.

Please note the two radio buttons at the top of the screen.  Make sure you do not lock yourself out of all 4J schools by clicking the “I don’t want to see assignments at the schools selected below” and then having all schools checked.

Please also note that the default setting is to make you available at all 4J schools.  If you wish to keep this setting you do not need to do anything.  This is the preferred setting.

When can I / should I turn in my time sheet for the hours I worked as a Classified Substitute?

Our pay periods are the 16th through the 15th of the following month, with any hours worked during that time being paid the last business day of the month.  Once you have completed your time sheet it should be submitted to the Payroll department.  They need the original copy of your time sheet.

Time sheets should be submitted to the Payroll department as soon after the 15th as possible.  They do not have to be received in Payroll exactly on the 16th but it is best if you can submit it as soon after the 15th as possible.

Time cards received after Payroll has started to run will be paid the following month.

Someone has requested I sub for them but when they try to assign me, Absence Management is telling them I am unavailable.

If you have pre-arranged with someone to sub and they are unable to assign you in Absence Management there are four common reasons for this problem.

1) You have entered a non-work day that conflicts with the time they are trying to assign you.  You can check your non-work days by clicking “non-work day” on your home page and you can delete a non-work day if it is no longer applicable.

2) You have another job that conflicts with the time they are trying to assign you.  Example: If you are assigned to a job from 11:30 am-3:30 pm and then someone tries to assign you to a job from 8 am-Noon Absence Management will see there is a conflict as you are busy starting at 11:30 am.

3) You have your school preferences set to block out jobs at that particular school.  Example: If you have selected to not accept jobs at Adams Elementary then no one at Adams can pre-assign you to a job.  You can change that setting by clicking “preferences” at the top of your Absence Management screen then clicking “schools” on the left.

4) If you are a Guest Teacher and your license is going to expire soon you cannot be pre-assigned to a job after the expiration of your license.  Example: If my license was going to expire on 02/15/2015 someone would not be able to pre-assign me to a job on 03/20/2015.  When I renew my license, or if I am placed into a grace period, and the new expiration date is reflected on the TSPC website (http://www.tspc.oregon.gov/lookup_application/lookup_query.asp) then Absence Management can be updated and that person would then be able to pre-assign me to the 03/20/2015 job.

I have set up my paycheck to be directly deposited to my bank account but I don’t know how to view my pay stub.

Now that you have set up your paychecks to be directly deposited to your bank account you can view your pay stubs online.  The Finance department has a page with a lot of helpful information including the link to your pay stub at http://www.4j.lane.edu/staff/paystub.

If you have any questions, please email mypaystub@4j.lane.edu for the quickest response.

I am working in a multiple day job and need to remove myself from one day.

If you are working in a job that will span more than one day and need to remove yourself from one individual day due to illness (or another approved reason) you can do so in AESOP within 24 hours of the start time of that days job.