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TSS Staff

All 4J schools have Technical Support Specialists (TSS) housed and located in their building at different times throughout the week. There are more than 32 schools in 4J and there are several TSS’s who are housed at at more than … Continue reading

Printer Purchasing

Information Current as of January 2018 Toner can be purchased through your TSS or school’s preferred vendor. We do recommend NEW and not refilled toner cartridges. Sources are OfficeMax and new genuine HP cartridges purchased from any vendor. Schools should … Continue reading

PC Computer Purchasing Requirements

Information current as of January 2018 Models and Pricing vary Contact James Grubic x7785 for Specs and pricing PC Software Operating System Windows 7 Pro Word Processor Microsoft Office 2010 Spreadsheet Microsoft Office 2010   PC Hardware Computer* Dell (contact … Continue reading

Discarding Equipment

Equipment Donation: Due to the fact that technology equipment in our schools is purchased with public funds, there are strict guidelines regarding donations of that equipment.  Please contact James Grubic or Kim Ketterer if you have questions regarding this process. … Continue reading