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Zimbra Configuration for Android Devices

Android phones now Require the 4 Digit Passode as well.  If the code is entered incorrectly 5x the entire device will be deleted.

  1. Make a Backup of your Phone.
  2. Begin by touching the Email icon from the the Applications Menu of the Android.
  3. Choose Microsoft Exchange Account
  4. Type in your email address and password. If you want this to be your default email account then check the box.
  5. Touch Next to proceed.
  6. Continue by touching Exchange Account.
  7. Enter your Exchange Server information (mailhost is mail.4j.lane.edu) and make sure you have Use SSL selected, and touch Next.
  8. Wait as the Android phone checks for the incoming server settings.
  9. The Account Options screen will appear if everything is correctly. You will then be allowed to customize the account settings.
  10. Enter Your Name that will be displayed on outgoing messages.
  11. Touch Done when complete and you have successfully set up Microsoft Exchange email on the Android