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Spam Filter

September 2015, Network Services updated our spam filter to be a completely separate system from Zimbra or Mail Servers.  The new design forces all inbound/outbound 4J email to pass through this dedicated system where attempts are made to detect unwanted messages using a variety of techniques.  The system also provides tools to manage messages flagged for your email account.  The following is a list of important considerations:

  • All email users have the ability to log in and review or edit settings for their account.
  • All users can look at messages being blocked by the system.
  • Users can build special rules to include or exempt specific senders for block lists.
  • Users cannot see message flagged as including viruses.  We do have the ability to manually release these types of message.
  • Spam filter login can be accessed here:  https://pmx-app.4j.lane.edu