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IMC: Instructional Materials Center

The 4J Instructional Materials Center (IMC) is a collection of supplemental class materials which are available for three-week checkout to 4J staff members, 4J charter schools, and some Eugene private schools.

The IMC is located at the 4J Education Center, 200 N. Monroe, and is open by appointment only. Telephone 790-7767 to make an appointment to view the collection.

Materials available for checkout are the Junior Great sets of 16 or 32 books, Big Books, and the Michigan Model health curriculum videos.

The IMC catalog is part of the 4J library catalog. Search the IMC’s collection by selecting “4J Instructional Materials Center” under Teacher Resources.

Staff wishing to reserve items should phone Cathy Trimble at (541) 790-7767. Online booking is not available at this time.