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Baker & Taylor Information

1. Ordering Information

a. Each school has one account and one group number. No others should be established, because special situations, like reference book ordering or parent fund purchases, can be ordered using your regular account.

b. When books are ordered with money received from parents or book fairs, please use the 103 1211 000 (cost center #) reimbursable account number. After the books are received, send a check for the amount to Financial Services with your reimbursable account number written on the check, and the account will be reimbursed. Following this procedure will both comply with District policy and be consistent with the Baker and Taylor profile for your school.

c. You can place book orders on-line or fax them to Baker and Taylor. Electronic ordering may be faster and more accurate, but when reference books or classrooms sets are ordered, the fax cover sheet allows special instructions to be included. You can specify special labels at the beginning of the call number but not at the end. Examples: “Add REF to the beginning of the call numbers”  or “Add GN to the beginning of the call numbers”. You can also specify “BOOKS ONLY — DO NOT CATALOG OR PROCESS” for classroom sets.

d. Prepare a purchase order and fax the book list, P.O. number, and fax cover sheet to: 1-800-775-7480 (attn: Order Dept.)

e. All orders will arrive fully processed and cataloged within 2 weeks of ordering. Remember to allow approximately $.50 per book for processing fees. You can expect an average 35% discount on the price of each book. For more details on costs, contact Marji, x7766.

2. Catalog Record Importing

a. The electronic file of catalog records will be sent to Marji in Library Services via the Internet. The records usually arrive a day or two before you receive the books.

b. Marji will import the Baker & Taylor records into Via. She’ll check to make sure that each record has a call number. She will create a file in Create Lists and will send you a paper report.

c. Check the books you received against the Via file. If you think you received an item in error, contact Sandra Whitfield at Baker & Taylor (800) 775-1200 x2770.

3. Cataloging Details

a. Some call numbers may be different from what you’re used to. Graphic novels will always come in 741.5, whether they are fiction or nonfiction. If you don’t want them in 741.5, you will need to change the call numbers. Marji will put the “regular” call number in the 092 field of the bibliographic record.

b. The call number for fiction will be FIC in all caps, instead of Fic. This does not affect retrieval or sort order.

c. The subject subdivisions Juvenile literature and Juvenile fiction will frequently be seen in the catalog records.

4. Processing Details

a. Your school’s name will be stamped on the book’s top and bottom edges, as well as the center of the title page.

b. If a book has a dust jacket, there will be a mylar cover attached with strapping tape. Barcode and spine labels will be inside the cover.

c. If there is no dust jacket, the barcode and spine labels will be covered with label protectors.

5. If you order books that do not have catalog records available in Baker & Taylor’s database, they will be sent uncataloged and partially processed. There will be no spine labels and no catalog records, but the books will have barcode labels and mylar jackets on dust covers. Marji will add catalog records for uncataloged books and will fill in the call number on the printed report she sends. You do not need to send such books to Library Services unless Marji asks you to, but you will need to type a spine label.

Call Sandra Whitfield at Baker & Taylor (1-800-775-1200 x2770) AND Marji (x7766) at Library Services regarding any mistakes, complaints, or comments. If you have a problem, other schools may have the same problem; the sooner Marji hears about a problem, the sooner it can be fixed for all schools.