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Video Instructions and Tutorials

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Transfer/Move-In Process (2018)

This video series reviews the steps to add a student into a SpEd transfer process, such as an in-state move-in, out-of-state move-in or a returning student.  Please also see the Special Education User Manual information on Move-In students available at: https://www.4j.lane.edu/instruction/studentservices/special-education-users-manual/move-in-students/

Part 1: Adding a student to an in-state move-in process:


Manual Process Move (from reeval to annual IEP)

Version 10 Interface Change (2016)

This video covers the basic changes in the new Version 10 Synergy interface.  All your screens, views and documents are still available, but the navigation and operation will seem somewhat different than you are used to.  Download this QuickStart Guide to use along with the video.

Student Teams (2015)

In this video, you’ll learn how to add staff members to a student’s Special Education team in Synergy.  You’ll learn about the importance of maintaining the correct team throughout the year, adding team members and changing the role for team members.

Exiting Students from Synergy (2015)

Part 1 of this tutorial covers the reasons for exiting a student out of Synergy SE.  You’ll learn which exit reasons are required for state reporting and view an example of how to exit a student who no longer qualified for SPED in a reevaluation process.


Part 2 of Exiting Students from Synergy will illustrate an example of exiting a student because a parent revoked provisions of SPED.  You’ll also learn what happens to the student record after a student is exited.