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Elementary TeacherVUE: Student Detail Options

To access information specific to one student, click on the student’s picture. This opens the Student Detail options. Here you may email the family, access IEPs, look up specific health issues, get mailing addresses, find who the child may be released to, enter information when contacting the family, and more. Click here for the PDF created by 4J.

There are two ways to document information about a student. Log Student Contact in the Student Detail options is designed to track communication with families. All entries can be viewed by clicking on the student’s picture > Student > Contact Log tab.


Add Notes

An alternate way of tracking communication with family and student information is using Add Note. This option is available by hovering over a student’s picture in the seating chart. An icon appears in the top left-hand corner of the picture. Click on the icon to enter the message. You have the option of keeping the note private, and a history of all notes is available for view as well. View this video for more information about adding a Note. Once saved, the icon indicates the number of notes entered for the day. To view previous notes follow the same procedure, but instead of typing a note click on Show History.