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Elementary TeacherVUE: Change Class

Changing the focus of TeacherVUE to another class is typically not done at the elementary level. Generally, a teacher who has two of the following TeacherVUE roles will be able to use this function while in the Seating Chart screen: physical education specialist, music specialist, ELL teacher, or classroom teacher. Two exceptions are if a teacher has created additional classes in his or her Grade Book or if the school secretary has added you as Additional Staff to another teacher’s class in addition to your own class. This PDF explains how to “change class” and how to return to your default class. Below is a brief summary of the process, too.

There are three different ways in TeacherVUE to access the Change Class option.

(1) the Home > Change Class menu,



(2) selecting the Class Focus drop down menu, and



(3) clicking the user’s name/location at the upper right of the Seating Chart screen.


It is also possible to view previous a year’s Grade Book, if you used it, using Class Focus. You must have taught the same section/class in previous years. This is done via the Grade Book Main screen using any of the above three methods.