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Elementary TeacherVUE Documentation for Synergy (archive)

This is an archive containing old documentation for Elementary teachers.
Click here for the current Elementary TeacherVUE Documentation.

Need to master skills for taking attendance/lunch counts, creating seating charts, setting preferences, and viewing reports? You are in the right place!

  • Documents: You will need to log into your 4J account to access PDFs and other documents.
  • Videos: The video password is available from your Computer Coordinator.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Navigating TeacherVUE
  3. Viewing Student Records
  4. Working with Seating Charts
  5. Working with Multiple Sections
  6. Taking Attendance
  7. Taking Lunch Counts
  8. Using Notes About Students
  9. Communicating Using TeacherVUE
  10. Test Results, Term Grades, and Work Samples
  11. Reports
  12. Report Cards
  13. Managing Discipline (Feature is pending at this time.)
  14. Substitute Information (Feature is not available at this time.)
  15. Grade Book — Entering & Viewing Grades
  16. Grade Book — Special Features
  17. Technology Tips
Introduction PDF Tips Video
 Basics: Student Information, Reports, Seating Charts, Attendance  PDF Video
Navigating TeacherVUE PDF Tips Video
Navigation Basics Image
TeacherVUE 9.0 Overview (District Announcements, Home Screen Overview, Student Options) Video (2:21)
Viewing Announcements PDF Video (:44)
Selecting the Class Displayed PDF
Returning to your Current Class PDF
Accessing Grade Book PDF
Accessing StudentVUE PDF
Viewing Student Records PDF Tips Video
Viewing a Student’s Demographic, Family, and Emergency Contact Info PDF Video (1:31)
Viewing a Student’s Health Record PDF Video (1:09)
Viewing a Student’s IEP PDF Video (1:01)
Viewing a Student’s Course History PDF
Working with Seating Charts PDF Tips Video
seatStudentsAdding Students PDF
Editing the Seating Chart
You will need to be the Edit mode to create a new seating chart.
Creating a Grid Seating Chart PDF Video (2:13)
Creating a Freeform Seating Chart PDF Video (1:48)
Selecting a Seating Chart PDF
Copying a Seating Chart PDF Video (:51)
Entering/Displaying Student Nicknames PDF Video (1:03)
Working with Multiple Sections PDF Tips Video
Alternate Section Access  PDF
Taking Attendance PDF Tips Video
Taking Attendance by Class List PDF Video (1:10)
Taking Attendance by Seating Chart PDF Video (:52)
Viewing a Student’s Daily Attendance Records PDF Video (:56)
Viewing a Student’s Period Attendance Records PDF
Taking Lunch Counts PDF Tips Video
Lunch Counts
This feature is currently not in use.
PDF Video (1:06)
Using Notes About Students PDF Tips Video
Using Notes
The video provides information on how to add, view, edit, and delete notes.
Video (1:33)

Adding a Note


Viewing a Notes


Editing Student Notes


Deleting Student Notes

Communicating Using TeacherVUE PDF Tips Video
Emailing a Class or Group PDF Web Video (1:55)

Viewing Previously Sent Group Messages


Deleting Previously Sent Group Messages

Emailing Individual Students and Parents PDF Web Video (1:34)

Viewing Previously Sent Messages to Individuals


Deleting Previously Sent Messages to Individuals

Logging Contact Regarding a Student PDF Video (1:15)
Recording Parent Teacher Conferences
This feature may be implemented in the future.


Test Results, Term Grades, and Work Samples PDF Tips Video
Viewing Standardized Test Scores (Viewing Test Group Analysis) PDF Web Video (1:11)
Viewing Grades PDF Video (2:07)
Viewing the Grade Book Student Summary Video (1:18)
Entering Work Sample Scores Web
Reports PDF Tips Video
Running Reports Video (1:21)

Printing Class Reports


Printing Individual Student Reports

Printing Grade Book Reports
Click to view a variety of sample reports
 that are available through the Grade Book Reports feature

Options for Printing Class Lists


Creating Detailed Progress Reports


Student Missing Assignments Reports

Printing the Grade Book Web
Report Cards PDF Tips Video
Report Card Grading for Teachers PDF
Report Card Grading for Teachers – Delegating Report Card areas PDF
K-5 Blank Report Cards PDF
Managing Discipline (Feature is not available at this time.) PDF Tips Video
Creating an Incident Referral PDF
Viewing Previous Incident Referrals PDF
Viewing a Student’s Discipline Record PDF
Substitute Information (Feature is not available at this time.) PDF Tips Video
Leaving Instructions for Substitute Teachers PDF Web Video (1:48)
Logging in as a Substitute PDF Web Video (1:25)
Grade Book — Entering & Viewing Grades PDF Tips Video
Activate “Report Card Standards” to Transfer Grades from Grade Book to Report Card Video (5:47)
Add Report Card Standard(s) to an assignment Video (4:58)
Quick Tips for Easy Grade Entry Web
Viewing Grade Books From Previous Years PDF
Grade Book — Special Features PDF Tips Video
Creating Breakout or Intervention Classes PDF
Adding Students to Breakout or Intervention Classes PDF
Sharing Classes PDF
Technology Tips PDF Tips Video
Student Usernames and Passwords Report PDF
Look up Student Username and Password PDF
Student Login Half Sheets PDF docx
Student Login Avery 5160 Labels PDF docx
Teacher’s Student Username and Password List PDF docx