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Frequently Asked iPad Questions

How do I open a PDF (received through email) on my iPad?
There are several apps that will allow you to open a PDF from you iPad. If you are just wanting to open a PDF and read it, one of the easiest apps to use is iBook.

  1. Open your email on your iPad.
  2. Click on the PDF attachment. You may have to click a second time if it doesn’t open on the first click.
  3. Once the PDF is open on your screen, click in the upper right corner on the icon that looks like a pencil and paper.
  4. You should now see a menu with the option Open in “iBooks”. Click on that option.
  5. Clicking on that option will open the PDF in iBooks. It will also store a copy in iBooks that you can reference later.
  6. You will now have two “Collections” in iBooks, Books and PDFs. You can toggle between the two by clicking on Collections.

How do I sync my iPad to my computer? (Apple Support – iPad Syncing) Use iTunes on your computer to choose which items to sync.

Before connecting your device you should Authorize your computer:

  • Open iTunes
  • Click on Store -> Authorize this Computer
  • Enter your pf_admin account information and click Authorize.
  1. Connect: Connect your device to your computer using the included cable. By default, iTunes opens automatically. Select your device in iTunes under Devices on the left-hand side and click the Info tab.
  2. Choose which items to sync: Click the respective tabs in iTunes to specify which media and information you want to sync from your computer to your device.
  3. Sync: Click Apply in the lower-right corner of the screen. Your computer syncs with your device according to your settings.
  4. The first time you sync your device, you are asked if you want to merge data, replace data on the device, or replace the data on your computer. When you choose to merge information, any differences between the data will be mingled together. If you choose to replace information, information from either the computer or device will overwrite the information on the other. These options can not be undone. After that, anytime you connect your device to your computer, iTunes opens and syncs with your device according to the settings in iTunes. You can adjust sync settings any time your device is connected to your computer.

How do I use multiple Apple ID’s to purchase apps?

  • In iTunes, on your computer, in the upper right hand corner you will see either an Apple ID or the words Sign In.
  • If an Apple ID is showing, as it is in the right picture above, you can click on the down arrow, click Sign Out and then click Sign In, click Use Existing Account and type in the information of whichever Apple ID account you want.
  • If you don’t have a second Apple ID set up, you can click Sign In and select Create New Account. It will then lead you through the process of setting up a new account.
  • If you are on your iPad and want to switch account in the App Store, click on the App Store icon, click on Featured, scroll to the bottom of the screen you will see something similar to the iTunes Store. In the left bottom corner you will either see Account with an Apple ID listed or you will see Sign In. If an account is showing, click on it and a menu will pop up where you can sign out of the ID. You can then click Sign In and sign in with a second Apple ID.
  • When you sync your iPad, everything will “back up” regardless of which account you “purchased” from.