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Hardware Purchasing

Specific purchasing information can be found by clicking on each item. All equipment must be purchased new (no refurbished).

 For APPLE   ordering information, please CLICK HERE.

All equipment must be purchased new (no refurbished). Equipment donations are generally no longer accepted unless they meet required minimums. Contact James Grubic for final approval.

For items not listed below, CDW (Vendor#701526) is a preferred vendor with educational pricing. Please note however that the pricing we receive is often better than what is shown on the CDW website, especially for quantity orders. Please send an email to 4jdesktop@4j.lane.edu to get latest educational pricing.


Required Items
3D Printers
Charging Cart/Station (iPad, iPod, laptops)
Document Camera
Printers and Multifunction Devices (3D printers, FAX machines, etc.)
Projectors and Projector Bulbs
Proscope (Vernier/Bodelin)
Reader Boards – Digital Signage Player
Voice Enhancement Systems
Contact Facilities
SMART Technologies Products
Laptop Batteries – We now require that replacement laptop batteries be purchased from Batteries Plus (Batteries + Bulbs) or an approved vendor. Mandi Hanson in Instructional Technology will place orders for Batteries Plus. Please have your building TSS contact her with the model number of the laptop and an account number to use. Once received, new batteries will be calibrated downtown by Mary Hochberg when possible.


Optional Items
Digital Signage
PA and Music System – Portable
Digital Still Cameras
External Hard Drives, CD Drives, and Thumb Drives
Headsets, Headphones, and Microphones


PC Computers (Dell)
Dell purchases should now use CDW-G Oregon IT Hardware VAR contract, otherwise three quotes are needed.
Contact James Grubic for any questions.
Windows 7 Professional
Intel Core i5 Processor or newer
256 GB Hard Drive