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Guiding Principles

Equality and Equity: The district will determine a baseline number (and type) of devices per student for each level and ensure that at every school the baseline is in place and a replacement cycle is mapped out. Because buildings are in such different places with respect to this goal, schools will not all get the same amounts of equipment from this Bond.

Staff Readiness and Technology Leadership Teams (TLT): Beyond replacing old devices, the Bond will provide for new initiatives. The TLT at each site will be asked to create (or update) their current Instructional Technology plan. The plans will include the implementation of Personal Learning Devices (PLD) tablets and/or laptops to improve instruction as well as ongoing staff development for strategies and methods for integration into core content.

Connection to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS): Crossroads school plans will show a clear and strong alignment of instructional technology (personal devices in particular), the CCSS, NGSS, and National Educational State Standards.