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Apple Purchasing Requirements

Updated 1/18/18

Order via Purchase Order only through Apple Vendor# 701855 **NO ON-LINE ORDERS**

If you need a quote for a large order (over qty 25) or don’t see the item you need, please contact Mandi Hanson.

We are no longer requiring AppleCare for computer purchases.

The following are pre-approved Apple computer configurations for students, teachers and administrators:

Item Part Number Cost Per Unit
Recommended MacBook Covers  Kuzy MacBook Cover – Amazon $17.99
Teacher and Admin Laptop Packages A, B, C, D
Choice A
MacBook Air Single 13″
(13″ 1.8GHz i5/8GB/256GB SSD)
Reference Quote Number 2204596978
 MQD42LL/A  $1014.00

Choice B
MacBook Air Single 13″
(13″ 2.2GHz i7/8GB/256GB SSD)
Reference Quote Number 2204596978

Z0UV $1124.00

Choice C
MacBook Pro Single 13″
Retina Display (13″/2.3GHz i5/8GB/256GB SSD, 2 Thunderbolt ports)
Reference Quote Number 2204596978
Requires new adapters! Contact Technology

 MPXT2LL/A  $1404.00
Choice D
MacBook Pro Single 13″
Retina Display (13″/2.5GHz i7/16GB/256GB SSD, 2 Thunderbolt ports)
Reference Quote Number 2204596978
Requires new adapters! Contact Technology
Z0UK $1834.00
Student Computer 1 MacBook Air Single 11″ – Student model (11″/1.6GHz i5/4GB/128GB SSD)
Reference Quote Number 2204596978
MJVM2LL/A $724.00
Student Computer 2 MacBook Air 11″ – Student model (11″/1.6GHz i5/8GB/256GB SSD)  Reference Quote Number 2204596978 Z0RL $1004.00
Office Computer   iMac 21.5″ with Retina 4K display
3.0GHz i5/8GB/1TB Fusion Drive/Radeon Pro 555 2GB
Wired keyboard and mouse
Reference Quote Number 2204596978
Z0TK $1294.00
SPECIAL ORDER – Legacy MacBook Pro MacBook Pro Single 15″
Retina Display (15″/2.2GHz i7/16GB/256GB SSD)
These units have traditional USB, Thunderbolt, etc. ports. Only available until discontinued by Apple.
Reference Quote Number 2204596978
MJLQ2LL/A $1734.00

 ***We No Longer Engrave iPads***


iPad 5th gen model  Wi-Fi, 32GB Single, 9.7″ screen, Space Grey

Logitech Keyboard/case  are required to be purchased with all new iPad 5th gen. See below for ordering information.

MP2F2LL/A $299.00
Logitech Rugged Combo for iPad (5th Gen) Blue (Single unit) HL722VC/A $99.95
iPad 5th gen model  Wi-Fi, 32GB 10-pack, 9.7″ screen, Space Grey
BMGQ2LL/A $2940.00
Administrator and TEACHER iPAD MODEL and accessories
iPad Pro model  Wi-Fi, 256GB, 10.5″ screen, Space Grey (see accessories below) MPDY2LL/A $749.00
Apple Pencil MK0C2AM/A $99.00
Smart Keyboard for 10.5 inch iPad Pro MPTL2LL/A $159.00
iPod Touch 16G (4TH GEN) Black MKJ02LL/A $199.00
Griffin iPad Keyboard – Lightning #3241676 $49.81 each for a set of 36

Vendor: CDW-G #701526

USB-C to Ethernet and multiple USB 3.0. Tested as working with Apple NetBoot.
Amazon Price varies
USB-C to VGA and one USB 3.0. Meant for presentations.
Amazon Price varies
Letscom USB-C Multi-Adapter (for new MacBook Pros)
Includes USB3, HDMI, SD, Power passthrough
Amazon $58.90
Lightning to USB Cable Vendor: Apple 701855 MD818AM/A $19.00
Lightning to VGA Adapter Vendor: Apple 701855 MD825AM/A $49.00
Belkin Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter
We are no longer buying the Apple video adapters due to technical difficulties with newer projector hardware.
Amazon $16.49
StarTech MiniDisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Amazon $11.83
Apple Wireless Keyboard (English; no numeric keypad!) Vendor: Apple 701855 MLA22LL/A $99.00
Apple USB Keyboard Vendor: Apple 701855 MB110LL/B $49.00
Apple Magic Mouse Vendor: Apple 701855 MLA02LL/A $79.00
Carts: (order via PO  from OETC #702873)
Anthro Advanced Laptop Charging Cart – Holds up to 36 AW-AC-PLUS-T $1099.00
Anthro Yes Cart for iPad & iPad Mini – Holds up to 40  AN-YESMORGM-PW4 $1217.83
VPP App Vouchers:
Vouchers can not be ordered with other equipment….must create a separate purchase order
The PO must list the email address of the school’s VPP account. Contact your TSS!
Volume Voucher D6701Z/A  (same part number for any $ amount) variable