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Monroe Middle School

monroe2800 Bailey Lane, Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 790-6300 Fax: (541) 790-6305

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Grades: 6–8
Enrollment: 545
Principal: Mike Johnson <johnson_mi@4j.lane.edu>
Secretary: Chanel Green <green_c@4j.lane.edu>

School Hours: 9:08–3:15
Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Feeder Elementary Schools: Buena Vista, Holt
High School Region: Sheldon

Mission Statement:
Together we will create a climate of safety, responsibility and respect, where individuals are encouraged and empowered to fulfill their potential as learners and as engaged and compassionate citizens in a diverse world.

Program Description:
Monroe is a school where academic achievement is valued by staff, students and parents. This is reflected in high Oregon state assessment scores. Monroe has a strong parent network that supports instruction and promotes a positive school climate. Monroe staff recognize the unique needs of early adolescent students, and design developmentally appropriate instruction.

School Highlights:

  • School-wide focus on literacy
  • Spanish immersion middle-level program on-site
  • School-wide emphasis on student organization skills, WEB, student leadership programs and lunchtime mentorship program all help create a climate for learning and character development
  • A well-rounded elective program offering Spanish and French, performing arts options such as orchestra, band, drama and talent exhibitions, physical education, technology and art—Monroe is one of the few middle schools that have full-time specialists for PE, art, and music
  • Specialized instruction for students who need extra assistance, including before-school resource time and after-school homework club

School Improvement Goals:

  • Student achievement: A commitment to high academic standards; meet the needs of all students and close the achievement gap; reinforce reading, writing and study skills
  • Student achievement: Provide students with a variety of exploratory experiences that offer initial exposure to the arts, and provide for the possibility of an increasing involvement in these areas
  • School climate: Provide consistent school-wide policies and procedures that teach and promote safe, respectful and responsible behavior; provide for guidance activities to enhance growth and development
  • School climate: Provide social and physical activities appropriate to the needs of middle school students, emphasizing cooperation, participation, and respect for individual differences

Spanish Immersion Program Description:
The Spanish immersion program at Monroe Middle School is designed as a “program within a school.” Most students in the program attended Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Elementary School. Students entering the middle-level program who did not attend a Spanish immersion elementary school must demonstrate an appropriate command of the language. Immersion students receive 45% of their lessons in Spanish, with the remaining 55% integrated with other Monroe Middle School students.

At the middle school level, alternative school students take courses with the at-large population of the host middle school along with classes in their specialized alternative program. Thus enrollment and state test results are counted with those of the host middle school. For more information, contact the school office.

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