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Family School (Elementary)

You are viewing information about Family School’s elementary program. The Family School program continues in grades 6–8, located at the Arts & Technology Academy.

1155 Crest Drive, Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 790-3700 Fax: (541) 790-3705

School website

Grades: K–5 at Crest Drive site, 6–8 at Arts & Technology Academy site
Enrollment: 137
Principal: Jennifer Hebard <hebard_j@4j.lane.edu>
Secretary: Vicky Wilson <wilson_v@4j.lane.edu>

School Hours: 9:00–3:10
Early Release: Wednesdays 2:00
Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Middle School Feeder: Family School at Arts & Technology Academy
High School Region: Churchill

Mission Statement: Family School’s motto, “From Roots to Wings”, expresses our instructional focus of providing strong foundational skills to nurture student’s independence and life-long learning.

Program Description: Family School embraces child-centered, developmental learning that involves families, students and teachers working together in a multi-age setting. Our multi-grade classrooms support strong academic achievement. The wide range of skills and abilities in a blended classroom nurtures the whole child through peer modeling and cooperation. The project-based curriculum is flexible and adapted to meet the needs of our students, allowing each student to progress at her or his own pace.

Family School’s grade 6–8 program continues the child-centered focus of the elementary grades while guiding students through the challenges of middle school. Students are also included in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program at Arts and Technology Academy Middle School.

School Highlights:

  • Strong academics: Emphasis on literature-based language arts, hands-on math, science and social studies, integrated with multicultural themes
  • Explorations: Multi-age, daily choice enrichment classes blending 1–5 grades in visual and performing arts, science, journalism and technology
  • 4th/5th-grade mentorship program: Pairing students with community members to learn about professions, arts and services; Outdoor School in alternate years
  • Peer mediation program: Students working in teams to problem-solve with their peers on the playground and other settings at school
  • Title I school: Providing supplemental academic support for individuals in small group settings or one on one

School Improvement Goals:

  • Continue to maintain high academic achievement for all students in all academic areas, while staying true to a developmental model
  • Learn from each other, treat each other with respect and integrity
  • Prioritize improvement of reading and writing skills for all students

Other Information: Family School’s 6th–8th grade program continues the child-centered focus of the elementary grades while guiding students through the challenges of middle school. Our three-period block of classes combines literature, language arts and social studies skills and concepts with the expressive arts. Through this literature-based program, students are expected to evaluate the world around them and clearly communicate their understanding of themselves, others, and each individual’s responsibility to their community. • • • Family School, “From Roots to Wings.”

School Colors: Purple and Green

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