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Churchill High School

churchill1850 Bailey Hill Road, Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 790-5100 Fax: (541) 790-5110

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Grades: 9–12
Enrollment: 1110
Principal: Greg Borgerding <borgerding_g@4j.lane.edu>
Secretary: Jill Reents <reents_ji@4j.lane.edu>

School Hours: 8:40–3:30
Late Start: Wednesdays 9:30–3:30
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Middle School Region: Arts and Technology Academy, Kennedy

Mission Statement:
We believe every student should have the knowledge and skills necessary to excel at college and career. Our school builds upon a strong foundation of relationships between students and staff, but then fully develops around a rigorous academic program. Our goal is not just graduation but adult happiness and success.

Program Description:
Churchill is a caring academic community where teachers, students, parents and colleagues work collaboratively and where decision-making focuses on doing what’s best for students first and foremost. Churchill High School has a unique spirit: We believe that high school education should be academically rigorous and attentive to the needs of the community, because intellectual and personal growth go hand in hand. We believe that good schooling sows the seeds of lifelong wisdom, and that no life is complete until it is made useful to others. “Lancer Pride” is how we describe this spirit of our school.

School Highlights:

  • Churchill is a balanced program that provides a wide range of opportunities for our very diverse student population
  • Five CTE Academies allow all students to choose a pathway of interest and high academics. Churchill CTE Pathways include our Health Services Academy, Rachel Carson Environmental Academy, Graphic Design Academy, West End Creative and Performing Arts Academy, and our Engineering Academy
  • Advanced opportunities are provided through AP and IHS IB at Churchill courses
  • Strong elective programs are available, with an extraordinary music and drama department, a college-level graphic design program, and science electives such as robotics and marine biology
  • Churchill provides the opportunity to earn over 60 college level credits across a wide variety of content
  • AVID elective classes are available at each grade level, providing instruction in college success behaviors, as well as support for students to maintain college acceptance GPAs

School Improvement Goals:

  • Close the achievement gap by improving math, reading, writing literacy skills for all students
  • Create and maintain rigorous and equitable programs of study with high expectations for all students
  • Provide a safe and empowering learning environment for all students that supports student voice to make a positive difference in our community.

Other Information:
The school has a new Tutor Center that is staffed and supported by college and community tutors and a number of academic staff; we also have a national model for supporting precollege students called AVID

School Colors:
Blue, Red and White

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