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Chinese Language Immersion Program

1155 Crest Drive, Eugene, OR 97405
Phone: (541) 790-3700  |   Fax: (541) 790-3705

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Grades: K–1 in 2017–18, expanding one grade each year
Enrollment: 42
Principal: Jennifer Hebard <hebard_j@4j.lane.edu>
Secretary: Vicky Wilson <wilson_v@4j.lane.edu>

School Hours: 9:00–3:10
Early Release: Wednesdays 2:00
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Program Description:
The Chinese Language Immersion Program will begin in the 2017–18 school year with kindergarten and first grade and will expand to provide a rigorous K–12 Mandarin Chinese immersion program from kindergarten through high school. It will enable students to be biliterate in Mandarin Chinese and English, to develop strong cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, to utilize higher-level thinking skills, and to become caring and productive global citizens.

School Highlights:

  • The Chinese Language Immersion Program offers a 50/50 instructional model. This means that from kindergarten through 5th grade, students will spend half their day learning in English and the other half learning in Mandarin Chinese.
  • The program is structured on the total language learning approach, incorporating content-based instruction, explicit language instruction, and experiential language learning practices.
  • Students will study simplified Chinese characters (jianti hanzi).
  • Expressive and receptive language development is emphasized in all stages of the program.
  • The program is committed to rigorous academics in both Mandarin Chinese and English languages.
  • The program places high value on parental involvement and support, and school and community relationships.
  • The program will build strong partnership with the community to offer culturally rich experiences for students.

School Improvement Goals:

Students will:

  • Comprehend and speak Mandarin Chinese and English fluently
  • Read printed Mandarin Chinese fluently, appropriate to the grade level
  • Write with purpose and fluency in Mandarin Chinese
  • Perform at or above grade level with non-immersion peers on state and district tests
  • Develop an understanding of the Chinese culture and gain appreciation for the contributions of the Chinese people historically and on a global scale
  • Graduate high school with a state seal of biliteracy in Mandarin Chinese and English

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