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Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Elementary School

1500 Queens Way, Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: (541) 790-6500  |   Fax: (541) 790-6505
Attendance Line: (541) 790-6525

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Grades: K–5
Enrollment: 459
Principal: Melissa Ibarra <ibarra_m@4j.lane.edu>
Secretary: Perla Grado <grado_v@4j.lane.edu>

School Hours: 8:20–2:30
Early Release: Wednesdays 1:30
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Middle School Language Immersion Program: Monroe
High School Language Immersion Program: Sheldon

Mission Statement:
Buena Vista is dedicated to academic excellence in a caring and stimulating environment. Our focus is on producing children who are bilingual and bicultural in English and Spanish. We encourage our students to show Respect, Pride, Safety and Friendship to all people in all places. These four standards are the foundation of everything we do at our school. We believe a well-rounded education is the basis for a successful future.

Program Description:
Research indicates bilingual students gain deeper insights into ways of thinking and expressing themselves. Learning two languages increases the strength of literacy in both. Skills acquired include:

  • High level of knowledge in literacy and math skills in both English and Spanish
  • Appreciation of multiple cultures and sensitivity to people who speak other languages, as well as a worldwide perspective
  • Foundations of knowledge in the other curriculum areas, such as science, social studies and health

School Highlights:

  • 90/10 immersion program in Spanish
  • Commitment to literacy in two languages
  • Commitment to cultural awareness and proficiency
  • Commitment to the arts and physical education
  • Active parent involvement and outstanding parent organization

School Improvement Goals:

  • To understand Spanish when spoken by a native speaker and to lay the foundation for speaking Spanish with near-native fluency and accuracy
  • To read age-appropriate Spanish materials
  • To develop an understanding of and appreciation for the many cultures in which Spanish is spoken
  • To appreciate how customs and language in the United States have been influenced by many different cultures and to recognize the worth and contributions of all people currently living in the United States
  • To perform as well or better in reading, writing, speech and math than students who are taught only in English


Other Information:
Buena Vista starts as a 90/10 immersion Spanish program, then decreases gradually and ends with 50/50 Spanish immersion in grade 5. The levels of immersion by grade are as follows: 90/10 in grades K–1; 80/20 in grade 2; 70/30 in grade 3; 60/40 in grade 4; 50/50 in grade 5.


School Colors:
Green and Black

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