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Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Elementary School

1500 Queens Way, Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: (541) 790-6500  |   Fax: (541) 790-6505
Attendance Line: (541) 790-6525

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Grades: K–5
Enrollment: 450
Principal: Melissa Ibarra <ibarra_m@4j.lane.edu>
Secretary: Perla Grado <grado_v@4j.lane.edu>

Middle School Language Immersion Program: Monroe
High School Language Immersion Program: Sheldon (International High School program)

Mission Statement:
The Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Elementary program is designed to provide students with a high quality bilingual and biliterate education, building a foundation to achieve success K-12 and beyond.

Program Description:
Research indicates bilingual students gain deeper insights into ways of thinking and expressing themselves. Learning two languages increases the strength of literacy in both. Skills acquired include:

  • High level of proficiency in literacy and math skills in both English and Spanish
  • Appreciation of multiple cultures and sensitivity to people who speak other languages, as well as a multicultural perspective
  • Foundations of knowledge in the other curriculum areas, such as science and social studies
  • Ability to make connections across subjects and languages
  • Flexibility of thinking and creative problem solving

School Highlights:

  • Descending model immersion program K–5. A descending model begins with a nearly full immersion experience in the primary grades, and gradually increases English instruction as the grade level increases. At Buena Vista, the percentages are as follows:
    – Kindergarten instruction is 90% Spanish, 10% English
    – Grade 1 instruction is 90% Spanish, 10% English
    – Grade 2 instruction is 80% Spanish, 20% English
    – Grade 3 instruction is 70% Spanish, 30% English
    – Grade 4 instruction is 60% Spanish, 40% English
    – Grade 5 instruction is 50% Spanish, 50% English
  • Commitment to literacy in two languages
  • Commitment to excellent mathematics instruction and best practice
  • Commitment to cultural awareness and proficiency
  • Commitment to the arts and physical education
  • Active parent involvement and outstanding parent organization

School Improvement Goals:

  • Continue to recruit, hire and retain highly qualified Spanish-speaking teachers and staff as needed in order to maintain a high level of commitment to the immersion experience for all students

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