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Pesticide Use/Landscape Management

Eugene School District 4J provides safe, healthy school facilities where students learn, grow and play.

Since 1984, Eugene School District 4J has implemented principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the management of district landscapes. Since then, non-chemical means of dealing with weeds and other pests have been the norm, in which use of pesticides (including herbicides) has occurred only after very careful consideration, and after all other means were tried.

During the past several years, 4J Facilities Management has partnered with a large, diverse group of interested community people in looking at this program and updating it. This new program has been adopted by the Superintendent, and is now in use. As with the program it replaces, this new set of guidelines strongly stresses the concepts of IPM. Other fundamental principles include considerations of Health and Safety (first and foremost), Functional Design, Aesthetics, and Facilities Usage and Costs.

This set of operational guidelines for managing 4J landscapes, using the above principles, uses the concepts of Prevention, Exclusion, Structural Modification, and Tolerance to deal with situations that arise on the district’s properties.

In all of these issues 4J Facilities Management is committed to using any non-chemical method of control that is effective. Only after non-chemical methods have proven ineffective, is chemical use considered, and then only when the Facilities Manager and the administrator at the affected school is informed and agrees to it. Other than emergency uses (such as yellowjacket nests in proximity to students), all spraying will be during non-school days for example summer, winter and spring breaks.

“IPM in Schools” is a new state law that went into effect July 1, 2012. ORS 634.700-750 regulates all pesticide use at all schools statewide. Eugene School District 4J is compliant with all aspects of this new law.

Copies of this program are available upon request from 4J Facilities Management. To obtain a copy, or to get more information, please contact Matt Cornwell, 4J Safety Specialist, at 541-790-7433.

For more information, please contact the 4J Safety Office, at 541-790-7433.