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Rapid Notification System (“Autodialer”)

Eugene School District 4J has a rapid notification system that can be used to notify parents and guardians about emergency and high-priority situations as well as general school event notifications. The same notification system also is used to notify parents about student absences.

It is critical that parents provide their schools with accurate and complete contact information so that messages will reach them in an emergency.

Emergency Situations

Schools or the district may use the rapid notification system to communicate to parents and emergency contact persons during urgent situations. Messages are not automatic, nor are they instantaneous, as the school must have time to send a message with clear and confirmed information. However, once sent, messages will reach recipients very quickly.

Emergency-related information may also be posted on the district’s website, www.4j.lane.edu, or on social media.

Parents should not call the school office during emergency situations. Staff will be focused on student safety and will not be able to answer the phone. Additionally, overwhelming incoming calls can disrupt the phone system and make internal communication difficult.