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Cataloging and Processing

Follett provides cataloging and processing of books purchased for our school libraries. Follett affixes spine labels and barcodes to each book, and covers dust jackets with protective clear plastic covers. The books arrive ready to shelve, usually within two weeks of ordering. Follett sends the catalog records electronically to Library Services, where the records are checked for accuracy and then imported into the 4J Destiny library catalog.

The Follett TitleWave Ordering page tells how to order books from Follett.

Schools do their own processing for book fair books and donated books that they wish to add to their libraries. If an ISBN search doesn’t bring up a catalog record that matches the item in hand, contact Alison Conner (conner@4j.lane.edu or 7765) to have a new title record added to the 4J library catalog.

Schools are responsible for processing their magazines. Contact Alison at 7765 to learn how to add them to Destiny.

Telephone calls and e-mail questions about cataloging are always welcome.