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Note: User guides and support documentation for SE is being updated based on the newly installed version.

SIS Getting Started Guide v.2021 (PDF)

SE User Guide v.2020 (PDF)

4J Staff SpEd Procedures Manual (Google Site)

4J Staff 504 Procedures Manual (Google Site)


New Portfolio View Fall 2020!



Back-to-school reminders for 2019

SE Quick Start Guide (Edupoint National Version)

User Manuals/Support Docs

All Video Instructions and Tutorials

Known Issues

Quick Help, 504, Progress Reports, Teams

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Video Title Description Click to Play
Add to Transfer How to add a student who is enrolled in SIS into an SE (SpEd) transfer process (for move-ins from in-state or out-of-state with SpEd eligibility/IEP). Click to play(06:05)
Implement FAPE until new IEP
coming soon
How to complete the in-state transfer process when you must implement FAPE until a new IEP and Placement can be conducted. Click to play
Accept In-State IEP How to complete the in-state transfer process when you are accepting and implementing the previous district’s in-state current IEP and Placement. (24:17)
Manual Move How to manually move a student from a reevaluation process to an annual IEP process in order to complete an annual IEP when a reevaluation is pending. Click to play(05:32)



Known Issues

Reported: 6/12/19  When adding staff to a student’s team, the cursor defaults to “Role ID” instead of last name, slowing search.  In development.

Reported: 5/31/19  New DD eligibility document is being developed.  Developmental Delay will be a school-age category after July 1, 2019.

Reported: 4/29/19  Goal headers default to Arizona language when using standards-based goals. In development.


Instructions and Tutorials

Progress Reporting

Progress Reporting Video Demo (no sound)  •  Progress Reports Instructions

 504 Process

SynergySE 504 Processes 2019 Handout


60 Second Synergy – Quick Help


Change Case Manager (large) • Change Case Manager (small)


Add New Goal (large) • Add New Goal (small)


Creating Multiple Meeting Notices (large) • Creating Multiple Meeting Notices (small)