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Synergy SE Training

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Video Title Description Click to Play
Add to Transfer How to add a student who is enrolled in SIS into an SE (SpEd) transfer process (for move-ins from in-state or out-of-state with SpEd eligibility/IEP). Click to play(06:05)
Implement FAPE until new IEP
coming soon
How to complete the in-state transfer process when you must implement FAPE until a new IEP and Placement can be conducted. Click to play
Accept In-State IEP How to complete the in-state transfer process when you are accepting and implementing the previous district’s in-state current IEP and Placement. (24:17)
Manual Move How to manually move a student from a reevaluation process to an annual IEP process in order to complete an annual IEP when a reevaluation is pending. Click to play(05:32)



Known Issues

Reported: 6/12/19  When adding staff to a student’s team, the cursor defaults to “Role ID” instead of last name, slowing search.  In development.

Reported: 5/31/19  New DD eligibility document is being developed.  Developmental Delay will be a school-age category after July 1, 2019.

Reported: 4/29/19  Goal headers default to Arizona language when using standards-based goals. In development.


Instructions and Tutorials

Progress Reporting

Progress Reporting Video Demo (no sound)  •  Progress Reports Instructions

 504 Process

SynergySE 504 Processes 2019 Handout


60 Second Synergy – Quick Help


Change Case Manager (large) • Change Case Manager (small)


Add New Goal (large) • Add New Goal (small)


Creating Multiple Meeting Notices (large) • Creating Multiple Meeting Notices (small)