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Elementary TeacherVUE: Grade Book Setup > Subjects

This window lists all the subjects available to use when creating a new assignment in Grade Book. You may add your own subjects with the +New button at the top right of the screen if the district-created subjects do not meet your needs. You may also edit teacher-created subjects using the edit button in the upper left of the screen. There is no editing of District Wide subjects. Note: the edit button toggles between edit and hide. Hide simply means to hide the ability to edit teacher-created subjects, or make all fields non-editable.


  1. Subject: Subjects you create will have your name written below the subject name.
  2. Sequence: Manages the order of the subjects as they appear in this window.  If you want teacher-created subjects at the top of the screen for easier editing and access in the future, use a smaller number (-2) than the smallest district-created subject sequence (-1).
  3. Hide My Types: By default, teacher-created subjects are applied to all classes. However, it does not make sense to have a math-type subject in a language arts class. This option allows you to hide teacher-created subjects for certain classes.