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Volunteer Background Checks


Criminal Records Checks and Fingerprinting

In a continuing effort to ensure the safety and welfare of students and staff, the district shall require all newly hired full-time and part-time employees not requiring licensure through the Teacher Standards Practices Commission (TSPC) to undergo a criminal records check and fingerprinting. Other individuals, as determined by the district, who will have direct, unsupervised contact with students shall submit to criminal records checks and/or fingerprinting as required by law.

Volunteers and contractors who will not have direct, unsupervised contact with students will not need to complete a nationwide criminal records check based on fingerprinting, but are required to complete a statewide criminal records check before being permitted to volunteer or work.

“Direct, unsupervised contact with students” means contact with a student that provides the person opportunity and probability for personal communication or touch when not under direct supervision.

“Volunteer” means an individual other than an employee who is authorized to assist district employees and who does not receive pay.

“Contractor” means a person who contracts with or who is an employee or agent of a person or business that contracts with the district to provide services or products for the district.

Criminal records checks and/or fingerprinting is required of the following:

  • All district contractors and their employees;
  • All district contractors and their employees who provide early childhood special education or early intervention services in accordance with rules established by the Oregon Department of Education, Child Care Division;
  • Any community college faculty member providing instruction at the site of an early childhood education program, at a school site as part of an early childhood program or at K-12 school site during the regular school day;
  • Any individual who is an employee of a public charter school and not requiring licensure through TSPC;
  • Any individual considered for volunteer service with the district; and
  • Head coaches of district-recognized, community-sponsored club sports.

The district requires criminal records check based on fingerprinting for volunteers with direct, unsupervised contact with students in the following positions:

  • Coach of a district-sponsored sport;
  • Coach of a OSAA activity, including Speech;
  • Choreographer, accompanist or drama coach;
  • Overnight chaperone, other than a K-12 student; and
  • Volunteers with direct, unsupervised contact with students on a regular basis, defined as at least four times per month, in a location other than a common area of a school.

Any individual who knowingly makes a false statement as to the conviction of a crime or has been convicted of a crime listed in ORS 342.143 will result in immediate termination from the ability to volunteer or be contracted by the district.

Human Resources is responsible for conducting criminal background check for employees, contractors, and volunteers. Human Resources is also responsible for maintaining the district wide online volunteer/visitor database. You can reach background checks at 541-790-7670.

Volunteer Background Check Process:

Volunteers may not begin until they have been cleared. The requirement to conduct a criminal background check for volunteers/contractors/coaches or other individuals as determined by the district is pursuant to Board Policy GCDA/GDDA-Criminal Records Checks and Fingerprinting and state law.

To ensure that the volunteer criminal checks are completed, the following process must be followed:

  1. Community and parent volunteers new to a school need to complete the online volunteer application.
    All information on the application is sensitive and will be maintained in a confidential manner.
  2. Parent volunteers must complete the Criminal Background Check form only once every two years while their student is in continuous attendance at a school. If the student changes schools during those two years, the parent can send an email to HR_VolunteerSupport@4j.lane.edu and request their location be updated.  Schools should look at their listings in the volunteer database to confirm whether a check has been done.
  3. Human Resources staff will conduct the criminal records search and add cleared volunteers to the database.
  4. Staff will inform the principal, or sponsoring staff member, of any individual who cannot be approved based upon their criminal records check or the results of their criminal records check based upon fingerprinting when an application cannot be approved.
  5. An individual who disagrees with any decisions regarding their status as a volunteer that results from the criminal background check may appeal that decision to HR_VolunteerSupport@4j.lane.edu
  6. If you have an urgent need for a quick response, contact HR_VolunteerSupport@4j.lane.edu or call 541-790-7670.
  7. Volunteers who will have direct, unsupervised contact with students are required to complete a nationwide criminal records check based on fingerprints prior to contact with students.

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