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Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School is all about creating safe, convenient, and fun opportunities for 4J students to walk and bike to and from schools. This is important for the health and safety of our kids and to foster the creation of livable, vibrant communities. We work to increase physical activity and improve walking and bicycling safety conditions on routes to and from school and throughout the community.

The program elements (the “6 E’s”) of Safe Routes to School are below, along with some examples of related activities.

For more information visit the regional SRTS website at www.eugenespringfieldsrts.org or contact: Sarah Mazze, SRTS Program Manager, email: mazze_s@4j.lane.edu, office: 541-790-7492, cell: 541-516-0887

  • Equity – We use an equity lens in our distribution of resources and educational programming across the district and incorporate equity into each of the “E’s” listed below.
  • Encouragement – Bike + Roll to School Day and Month; events to celebrate and practice biking; Walking School Buses and Bike Trains; messaging for schools and families.
  • Education – Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Education in 2nd and 6th grades, respectively; Kindergarten/1st grade Learn-to-Ride a Bike.
  • Engineering – Improvements to the built environment to increase safety for students walking, biking, skating, scooting or using a mobility device. This may include traffic signals, traffic calming, street crossings, sidewalks, off-street paths, bicycle parking, and signage.
  • Evaluation – Assessment of infrastructure; classroom tallies and parent surveys to determine needs and program effectiveness.
  • Engagement – Listening to students, families, schools, community organizations and others to guide our program to best serve our students.