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Student Bike Trips

Student Bike Trips

Bike trips with groups of students for an educational/instructional purpose with adequate adult supervisors and safety precautions.

Recommendations for 4J Teachers and Staff:

  • Student travel insurance is recommended for bike field trips.
  • Review safety and traffic rules before leaving campus and remind students they are expected to abide by traffic signs and adhere to safe biking practices.
  • Check the availability of helmets. (All trip participants are required to wear a helmet.)
  • Communicate helmet and safety guidelines to parents and establish a partnership with them to promote bike safety.
  • All approved bike field trips should follow these guidelines

Spot check bike before leaving to make sure:

  • Bikes are the right size for students. (Students should be able to touch the ground with their toes while sitting on the bike seat.)
  • Bikes have working brakes, properly inflated tires and no dangling parts.
  • There is at least one adult supervisor for every group of seven students or less.
  • All trip participants are wearing a helmet and the first and last person in each seven-member group is wearing a reflective vest for visibility.

Bike trips with students below the fifth grade are not recommended.