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Vandalism Repair of 4J Property

The district provides schools and departments with repair services for property damages resulting from vandalism by:

  1. Using Facilities Management to make repairs.
    • Send a work order to Facilities Management.
    • Enter the account number applicable for the repairs needed. For example:
      Account # 2542 – 841 – cost center……Carpentry
      Account # 2542 – 861 – cost center……Windows
      Account # 2542 – 881 – cost center……Graffiti (paint)
      Account # 2542 – 835 – cost center……Electrical

      (See your school’s Secretarial Handbook for a complete account list.) In the description area, indicate that the repairs are needed due to vandalism.

  2. Making arrangement with someone outside the district (e.g., phone company, computer/T.V. repair, etc.) to make necessary repairs. Contact Facilities Management (790-7400) for specific instructions.