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Staff Member’s Role in Liability

As one of the key persons in the school district to meet and talk with parents and members of the public, you play an important role in helping the district effectively handle potential claims. As an administrator or support person, you will often be:

  • Aware of a potential situation which could result in allegations or an actual claim of negligence.
  • The first person contacted by a parent or third party who is alleging negligence against the district.

To help the District effectively manage liability claims, please:

  • Report any incident to Risk Management Services (541-790-7673) which you believe could give rise to a liability claim.
  • Provide written documentation to Risk Management of any verbal communication in which a party claims negligence or damages. You may use the Request for District Property Replacement Form
  • Forward any written correspondence or documentation to Risk Management in which a parent or third party claims that the District was negligent.
  • Forward any formal lawsuit served at your site to Risk Management immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any liability coverage for me as a teacher if I make an error in judgement that parents claim harmed their child in some way?

Yes, professional liability coverage is provided for teachers, administrators, counselors, nurses and others working in a professional capacity. This coverage falls in the category of “errors and omissions” or “malpractice” liability coverage.

Are there situations where I would not be covered by District liability insurance?

Yes. Intentional and criminal acts, fines and penalties imposed by law and punitive damages or claims are not covered. Any claims that arise out of activties outside the scope and course of your covered job duties are also excluded from coverage.