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Parent Reunification

Parent Reunification

There are a wide variety of emergency situations that may require Eugene School District 4J to activate the student/parent reunification plan. Student/Parent reunification may be needed if the school or district facility is evacuated or closed as a result of a hazardous materials accident, gas leak, major fire, earthquake, inclement weather, school violence, bomb threat or other circumstances that could jeopardize the safety of students and staff by remaining on a school campus.

Whenever possible the District will perform reunification at or near school.  In the event that reunification cannot occur at/or near school due to proximity of the unsafe situation the Districts has pre-identified reunification facilities located throughout the City of Eugene.

Eugene School District 4J will communicate the reunification location to parents and guardians by the rapid broadcast system, district/school website, Facebook, Twitter and the news media. Please click on the link below for what to expect information.

Eugene School District 4J requests that parents do NOT respond to a school site until they are notified of the reunification location.