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Lane Regional Program

Serving students who are visually impaired, orthopedically impaired, deaf and hard of hearing

Regional Program:

Regional Programs are funded by the state through legislative action to assist districts and early intervention agencies to meet the needs of children 0-21 in the areas of Autism, Blindness and Visual Impairments, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and Orthopedic Impairments.The state is divided into 8 regions, and the Lane Regional Program (LRP) is Region 7. The Lane Regional Program teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Visually Impaired and Blind, and the specialists in the orthopedic areas are housed the Eugene School District 4J through a subcontract with the Lane ESD. Specialists in the area of Autism are housed at the Lane Educational Service District building. The role of the LRP is to provide support necessary so that children can benefit from their educational environment and become as independent as possible in school, home and community setting.


To be eligible for any Regional Program the student must meet the medical criteria established by Oregon Administrative Rules and must have an educational need determined by the school IEP/IFSP team. When a student is referred to the LRP, our staff assists the appropriate teacher/specialist/district or early intervention agencies with determining eligibility.


Services provided can include assistance with assessment, consultation, help with technical equipment and materials, and services to students including specially-designed instruction. Direct instruction provided by the Lane Regional staff is meant to augment areas where district staff may not have training, i.e. Braille, Orientation and Mobility, care of hearing aids, sign language development, use of an interpreter, wheelchair accessibility and equipment modification. The districts and regular classroom teachers are ultimately responsible for the academic needs of the Regionally eligible students.

Materials and Equipment

Materials and equipment for identified Lane Regional Program students, when available, can be loaned on a short-term basis. These items can be used for a trial period before the district or parents can purchase those needed on a long-term basis.

Referral Process

When a school suspects a youngster may have one of the low incidence disabilities listed above, a referral is made to the LRP. A referral form must be submitted by the district or early intervention provider to the Lane Regional office at the 4J Education Center at 200 N. Monroe Street. This form lists the paperwork needed in order to process referral. Any questions may be referred to the Lane Regional Program. Please call 687-3339. Links to the various LRP departments are listed below.

Lane Regional Program, Eugene School District 4J
200 N. Monroe Street, Eugene, OR 97402
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