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Health Requirements

Immunizations (also known as vaccinations, inoculations or shots)

Every U.S. state requires certain immunizations (also known as vaccines, vaccinations, inoculations or shots) for children to attend school. Oregon’s immunization law helps protect kids and communities against 11 different diseases: tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and Hib.

To attend public schools, charter schools, private schools, preschools and childcare facilities in Oregon, students must have a complete and up-to-date record of vaccination, medical or nonmedical exemption, or immunity documentation for every immunization required for the student’s grade.

School Immunization Requirements 
Vaccine Exemption Rates 

Medical Examinations

A medical exam by a health-care practitioner is recommended for all students entering 4J schools for the first time. If such an exam is a financial hardship, please contact the school nurse or the school-based health centers for an appointment.
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Prior to participation in school sports at middle and high school, a sports physical is required. The OSAA requires a sports physical every two years. If your student receives immunizations during a sports physical, please ask the health care provider to document it on the form.
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Medications at School

Some student health conditions require medication while at school. Written permission is required for staff to assist students with medication. Please complete a Medication Authorization Form for each medication. Medication must be brought in original container. Pharmacists can provide a second labeled bottle for school medication if needed.  In general, medication is kept in the school office for elementary and middle school students. Contact the school office or school nurse for further information or clarification on emergency medications.

4J medication policy: Eugene School District 4J Medication Policy 4.15.19

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Special Health Problems

Parents or guardians of students with special health problems that may require health care during the school day are encouraged to contact the school nurse at least two weeks prior to student attending school to allow adequate preparation time. Students with potentially life threatening health problems, such as severe allergies, diabetes, severe seizures, asthma are encouraged to update annually with the school nurse.

Please complete the appropriate assessment form, medication forms if needed, and bring to the school office. These forms are available under Students with Health Problems.

Visitors/Home-School Students

Children visiting for more than five days or attending part-time (including home-school students) are required to follow immunization requirements.


Call 4J Health Services at 541-790-7216.