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Instruction Department Staff List

Last Name First Name E-mail Address Phone Title
Anderson Eric anderson_er@4j.lane.edu 541-790-5921 Director of Curriculum
Andrew Elsa andrew_e@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7712 District Registrar
Arias Ninan Elsa ariasninan_e@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7538 CTE Teacher
Beick Ron beick_r@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7606 Financial Mgmt Analyst I
Boyd Rebecca boyd_r@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7552 Staff Development Specialist
Brown Patrick boyd_r@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7568 District Athletic Director
Craft Kristine craft_k@4j.lane.edu 541-510-5064 McKinney-Vento Liaison – CHS and South regions
García Villa Jackie garciavilla_j@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7550 Executive Assistant
Gerdes Scout gerdes_s@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7566 Department Secretary/Human Services Coordinator
Gold Lily gold_l@4j.lane.edu 541-790-6872 ELL Program Coordinator
Grape Linda grape_l@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7578 Federal Programs Coordinator
Fadeley Shira fadeley_s@4j.lane.edu 541-790-8500 K–12 Music TOSA
Fisher Sara fisher_s@4j.lane.edu PE TOSA
Flores Gutierrez Misael floresgutierrez_m@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7714 Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Instruction
Hanson Mandi hanson_m@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7563 Federal Programs Coordinator
Hocker Krista hocker_k@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7577 District Testing Coordinator / Secondary Math TOSA
Holliday Tia holliday@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7543 K–12 Curriculum Administrator; College & Career Readiness, CTE
Huntley Justin huntley_ju@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7587 K–12 Curriculum Administrator; Instructional Technology
Ibarra Melissa ibarra_m@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7562 Director Elementary Education
Johnson Emily johnson_em@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7550 Administrative Assistant
Johnson Jeff johnson_je@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7559 Director of Pre-K–8 Education
Jones Caroline jones_ca@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7534 BEST Program Coordinator Assistant
Kamens Casandra kamens@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7536 Curriculum Administrator
Kemp Emily kemp_e@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7546 Staff Development Specialist
Khatter Jenoge khatter_j@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7542 Secondary Social Studies  TOSA
Lajoie Molly lajoie_mo@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7572 BEST Coordinator
Longoria Alicia longoria@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7230 Human Services Coordinator
Loureiro Oscar loureiro_o@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7554 Director of Research & Planning
McAtee Jody mcatee@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7555 Department Assistant
McRae Katie mcrae_k@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7776 Programmer Analyst II
Mendelssohn Ed mendelssohn_e@4j.lane.edu Canvas/9th Grade Seminar TOSA
Mendelssohn Jocelyn mendelssohn_j@4j.lane.edu District TAG Coordinator / Elementary Health TOSA
Neuman Trista neuman_t@4j.lane.edu Program Coordinator
O’Shaughnessy Tris o’shaughnessy_t@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7737 Executive Assistant
Page Amy page_a@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7765 District Librarian
Picado Therese picado_t@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7556 Volunteer Program Coordinator
Pineda-Guillen Dulce guillen_d@4j.lane.edu 541-790-6881 Human Services Coordinator
Plunkett Seth plunkett_s@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7588 Research/Assess/Data Analyst
Sagolla Gretta sagolla_gr@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7709 Early Learning Coordinator
Shepard Reid shepard_r@4j.lane.edu 541-790-5100 Staff Development Specialist
Shepard Tana shepard_t@4j.lane.edu 541-790-5533 EWEB Grant Coordinator
Stiles Katie stiles_k@4j.lane.edu Staff Development Specialist
Steeves Tammy steeves_t@4j.lane.edu ELA/Read 180 TOSA
Vasquez Vanessa vasquez@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7717 District Wraparound Operations Coordinator/ Welcome Center Supervisor
Volem Jennifer volem_j@4j.lane.edu 541-731-2582 McKinney-Vento Liaison – North and Sheldon regions
Wagner Brooke wagner_b@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7566 Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
Williams Larry williams_l@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7736 Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Instruction
Williams Lynette williams_ly@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7561 World Languages TOSA