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Summer High School Credit Recovery 2023

Summer High School Credit Recovery is a 4J sponsored program designed to help high school students return to on-track credit status to complete their graduation requirements.

All courses will be graded Pass/Not Pass, and most will be supported by 4J teachers. Students will complete coursework independently but are required to check-in (in person or online) with the summer credit recovery program daily.

Teachers will be available via Zoom and at ECCO, Mon–Thurs from 9am-12pm. Educational assistants also will be available at all high schools, except North Eugene, to support students. Contact the school for hours.

Summer Credit Recovery Through FuelEd

  • Any high school student needing to recover credit for a course previously attempted.
  • Must be a current student of Churchill, North Eugene, Sheldon, South Eugene, Eugene Online Academy or ECCO high schools.
  • Must receive a referral from a high school counselor, who will complete their registration.
  • Students may take up to 1.0 credit, with .5 credit increments completed sequentially. Simultaneous coursework will require approval from the Eugene Education Options administrator, and will only be allowed for students who have demonstrated an ability to successfully complete online coursework.
  • FuelEd Credit Recovery classes will NOT replace previous grades on the transcripts. Students will earn a P for completion of a CR. If they do not complete their credit recovery class, a NP or NB will be recorded on their transcript.  For students wanting to improve GPA and see themselves going to a 4 year university, the credit recovery class may not be the best option.

Calendar 2022

Classes begin: Monday, July 10
Coursework completed by: Friday, August 18

Students will be required to complete daily check-ins with their teacher and must be making progress toward course completion.

Referral & Registration

Please contact your high school counselor or administrator for more information about enrolling.