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High School Common Schedule Work Group

To support student learning in our high schools and increase operational efficiency, 4J is working to align schedules at all high schools.

The district established a Common Schedule Work Group consisting of about 30 high school teachers, counselors and administrators. The work group’s task was to decide what schedule would provide the optimal learning environment for all 4J students while eliminating inequities for students and teachers and addressing our operational and financial constraints and to make a recommendation about it to the superintendent.

The Common Schedule Work Group met several times beginning in January 2012 to study different schedule options. The group made a recommendation to the superintendent on March 14.

Work Group Roster

Randy Bernstein, Principal, South Eugene HS
Bob Bolden, Principal, Sheldon HS
Katie Cawood, Counselor, Sheldon HS
Fran Christie, Teacher, Sheldon HS Academy
Ashley Clark, Teacher (SPED), Sheldon HS
KC Clark, Special Education Administrator, District Office
Jillanna Corrigan, Teacher (SPED), North Eugene Academy of Arts
Marilyn Curtis, Teacher (Social Studies), Eugene IHS
Jennifer Eklund, Teacher (SPED), South Eugene HS
Anne Erwin, Principal, North IHS
Kim Finch, Principal, Churchill HS
Ana Flores, Counselor, North IHS
Helen Haberman, Teacher (Science), Churchill HS
Tia Holliday-Odegard, Student Achievement Specialist / Teacher (Science), North Eugene Academy of Arts
Casandra Kamens, Principal, North Eugene School of IDEAS
Doug Kelly, Principal, North Eugene Academy of Arts
Jud Landis, Teacher (Science), Sheldon HS
Courtney Leonard, Head Teacher, Eugene IHS
Julie McCauley, Teacher (World Languages), North IHS
Julie McGlinksy, Counselor, South Eugene HS
Dayna Mitchell, President, EEA
Laurie Moses, Director of Secondary Education, District Office
Brad New, Principal, Eugene Education Options
Mindy Rimbey, Teacher (Language Arts), Eugene Education Options
Londa Rochholz, Assistant Principal, Churchill HS
Tad Shannon, Teacher (Social Studies), Churchill HS
Steve Smith, Teacher (Social Studies), Eugene IHS
Lodi Soderholm, Teacher (Math), Churchill HS
Mike Sterling, Teacher (Social Studies), Churchill HS
Mark Watson, Assistant Principal, Sheldon HS
Clair Wiles, Teacher (Social Studies), North Eugene School of IDEAS
Marilyn Williams, Secondary Staff Development Specialist, District Office
Bobbi Willis, Teacher (Journalism), South Eugene HS